Sustainable investing means investing in better ways of doing business and long-term progress. We recognise that companies solving society’s biggest problems are best positioned to succeed.

Our Responsible Investment Policy defines our approach to sustainable investing. It describes how we integrate environmental, social and governance insights (ESG) into our decision-making, and how we support our portfolio companies in implementing and strengthening their sustainability efforts.

We believe that demonstrating commitment to sustainability is a fundamental responsibility of fund managers, and that following this policy will benefit our portfolio companies, investors, and society. Implementing ESG into decision-making is furthermore an effective risk management tool, and it enables our companies to identify new opportunities, gain competitive advantage and attract qualified and passionate employees. In short, sustainable business is good business.

To support our commitment to sustainability we are signatories of the UN supported Principles for Responsible Investment and IcelandSIF.

Our investment philosophy

We invest in a better future
Our investments are focused on sustainable solutions to existing and emerging problems. We believe it is our responsibility to invest in ideas that can facilitate a more sustainable future and are aligned with the UN SDGs.

We invest in passion
We believe that entrepreneurs and start-ups with strong passion and ambition to change the world are more likely to grow and succeed. We therefore look for investment opportunities that incorporate this mindset where our resources can help create a more sustainable world.

We focus on sustainability
In our view, focusing on sustainability is vital for building long-term value. We therefore expect ESG and sustainability considerations to be key part of our portfolio companies’ governance. Assisting companies with identifying the most important ESG risks and opportunities in their business and helping them set up sound ESG practices in their operation is key in ensuring their long-term growth.

Read our full Responsible Investment policy here.