Companies Eyrir Venture Management has invested in


DTE is reshaping the global metal industry by making the production of essential metals more sustainable, safe, and efficient. DTE’s unique technology and AI-based cloud platform deliver real-time composition analysis in liquid metals, actionable intelligence and predictive insights that maximize benefits along the value chain.

Laki Power

Laki Power is transforming line monitoring for power grid operators. Their pioneering, patented technology offers real-time access to critical information through data-streaming and high-resolution imagery, while also delivering predictions about critical events.


Tulipop is an award-winning fantasy world inspired by Icelandic nature. The company was founded with the goal of creating a sophisticated, beautiful, and fun world where kids can learn about adventures, the importance of friendship and diversity, and promote curiosity and creativity.



FÓLK is an emerging Icelandic interior and lifestyle brand founded in 2017. FÓLK makes designs for modern sustainable living.


Justikal has created a software solution that allows attorneys and others to send documents electronically to the courts. With the solution of Justikal parties can monitor court proceedings and receive automatic notifications when new events occur in their case.



beqom is a leading compensation and performance management solution – managing compensation, employee performance, sales performance, pay equity, and recognition all in one place. beqom makes it easy to handle every aspect of total compensation management at scale. With beqom, employees understand their value, perform at their peak, and are rewarded fairly for their contributions.


Passio is building a visual AI platform that makes it easy for companies to add fast, purpose-built computer vision to their applications and transform their businesses by creating AI-driven sales and user engagement experiences.

Aurora Abalone

Aurora Abalone has developed an innovative and cost effective method of farming abalone. Abalone is popular type of shellfish and considered a luxury ingredient in healthy foods and a luxury gourmet food in Asia.

Activity Stream

Activity Stream is an operational intelligence platform that gives companies full overview of their business / operations in real-time and delivers actionable intelligence and insights. Activity Stream combines enterprise activity streams with artificial intelligence to create the next generation productivity tool for small and medium enterprises.


Atmonia is an early stage company, developing a breakthrough electro-catalytic process for generating aqueous ammonia from air and water, for direct use as fertilizer through irrigation. The Atmonia process, unlike conventional ammonia production, is zero carbon and works at ambient pressure and temperature and is based on economical and abundant catalysts.


Handpoint provides secure payments for next generation Point of Sale. Merchants that are moving from stand-alone cash registers to tablet or smartphone based checkout systems benefit greatly from Handpoint´s global, pre-certified payments platform and card readers.


SagaNatura is a vertically integrated biotech company which has developed a uniquie patented technology to cultivate microalgae. SagaNatura focuses on development, production and export of health product from sustainably produced microalgae and wild-crafted Icelandic plants.


AwareGo is dedicated to improving cybersecurity awareness for safer workplaces using the tools and techniques of the advertising world to create short, storydriven and effective training videos.
The occasional sprinkle of humour helps us grab users’ interest, hold their attention and drive the message home.


Cooori wants to advance language learning by making better use of all of the incredibly advanced technology and knowledge that is available now, starting with teaching English to Japanese.


eTactica has developed new techniques to measure and manage energy usage. The company offers sophisticated energy management hardware solutions, based on its patented metering technology.

Ymir Technologies

Ymir Technologies has accumulated unique technological know-how and expertise in the field of environmentally and economically efficient transformation of bio-waste to marketable products.



HausMart is a turnkey retail solution for entrepreneurial hosts looking to transform any trusted space into a retail environment.